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How to File Notices

To file notices of security interest, you must log in to the website, whether you are a user of a client account or a one-time user who has pre-paid fees.  Once you log in, you will be on a Home page from which you can select the action you want to do.  If you want to file an initial notice of security interest, select the File a New Notice option to go to the File Initial Notice screen.  The filing screens are quite simple and intuitive to use.

The File Initial Notice screen has four tabs that you can choose in any order. 

- The first tab that is displayed when you open the screen is automatically filled with information about you or your company or institution and the type of notice you are filing.  There is a check box below the name and address of the filing party (you or your company) that you may check if the secured party is the same as the filing party.  If you mark the box, you may then bypass the Secured Party tab.

- The second tab is the Debtors tab.  It is used to enter one or more debtors, that is, the obligors on the obligation.  To add a debtor, first click the Add Debtor button to open the add screen.  Select the type of debtor to be entered.

  • If a debtor is a company or organization, enter its name exactly as it appears on its organizational documents in Latin letters in the indicated field.  If it is a company, you can obtain the exact name from the Company Registry in the Ministry of Commerce.
  • If a debtor is an individual Cambodian, enter his or her Nationality Identification number exactly as it appears on the card in the indicated field.
  • If a debtor is a foreigner, enter his or her surname and given names in the indicated fields, and enter the country that issued his or her passport in the indicated field.

- In any case, provide the debtor’s address in the address fields.  If there are two or more debtors, you can continue to add debtors by clicking the Add Debtor button after you have added a debtor’s information.

- The third tab is the Secured Party tab.  It is used to enter one or more secured parties, that is, the obligees on the obligation.  Enter the secured party’s name and address in the indicated fields.  If there are two or more secured parties, you can continue to add them by selecting the Add Secured Party option after you have added a secured party’s information.

- The fourth tab is the Collateral tab.  It is used to enter a description of the movable property that secures the obligation.  The description of the collateral may be general or specific, so long as it informs a person who reads it whether particular property is covered by the security interest.  If the collateral includes a motor vehicle, enter the vehicle serial number (VIN) in the indicated field.  If there are additional vehicles, you can continue to add them by clicking the Add Vehicle Serial Number button after each one is added.

- After all tabs have been completed, click the Review Notice button to display all information in one screen for your review.  If you find an error, you may go back to the data entry screen to correct the error by selecting Edit Notice.  If all information is correct, click the Submit button to save the notice to the database. 

After an initial notice has been submitted by clicking the Confirm button, the system will assign it a file number and record the date and time of filing.  The complete notice will then be displayed with the file number and date/time included for you to print or save as your proof of filing.